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Indpack Straping | Manual Tensioner India

Manual Tensioner,Model: IP1932R- 1932F-1932W-1932WH

Indpack manual tensioners are suitable for Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Application with Push or Cover types seal / clips.
Easy to operate and maintenance. Unlimited strapping can be taken up.






Strap & Size
(w X T )

High Tensile Painted/waxed coated and Dry / soft grade of 19 mm to 32 mm X 1.00 mm (max)

High Tensile Painted & waxed coated grade of 19 mm X 0.8 mm (max) Push or Cover type

High Tensile Painted / waxed and Dry / soft / rusted strap of 16 mm to 32 X 1.00 mm (max)
Push/Cover or Heavy Duty Open type

Same as 1932 W. 16 mm to 50 mm X 1.7 mm (max)
Push/Cover or Heavy Duty Open type

Type and Application

Rack and Pinion type suitable for Mid & Heavy Duty application and all kind of strapping surface

Feed wheel or Roller type suitable for Light and Mid. Duty strapping application

Windlass type with long handle for extra Torque advantage to achieve high tension capacity & speed. Suitable for all kind of Heavy Duty application etc. Advantage of In-Built External Cutter for smooth cutting after the tensioning and sealing operation. Conventional WINDLASS tensionersare available without external cutter. And the excess strap will be available in a round shape with the sealed seal or clips. More of this , the conventional W.tensioner are operable with heavy duty open type clips/seals only.

Same as 1932W with special design for extra Heavy Duty like Wagon Unitization / Container lashing etc.

  • Advantage of External in-Built Cutter like 1932W



3.5 Kg

4 Kg.

3 Kg.

5.2 kg.